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Stephanie Warner
Naturopathic Doctor 

Canyon Meadows, Calgary 

Hours: 10am - 6pm
587- 288- 3706

Creating Sustainable Health So You Can Live Your Best Life. 

Best in Naturopathic Doctor in Calgary

Meet Dr. Warner

Dr. Warner believes that healing requires more than treating diseases and masking symptoms. She strives to ally with her patients and connect with them to allow their body to bring about a natural healing response. Rather than utilizing generic treatments, Dr. Warner believes in an individually targeted treatment plan stemming from a minimalist approach.

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Dr Stephanie Warner

Naturopathic medicine looks for the cause of symptoms, and seeks to understand  and make connections as to why these symptoms are being expressed. Natural healing principles are then used to facilitate the bodies innate healing abilities.

Classical Chinese medicine is one of the world most ancient lineages of medicine. It has roots that are thousands of years old. This medicine can include Acupuncture, diet therapies, movement practices and Chinese herbs. The primary goal within Chinese medicine is to harmonize the energy flow within the body to prevent as well as treat disease.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs
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