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Where can we look for those of us that need some support with developing a daily routine?

The Chinese Medicine Organ Clock is a guide from day through to the night hours.

It provides us with a template as to which time is most supportive for our psychologic bodily processes as well as hourly energetics.

I created this clock with the focus on which hours are most supportive for developing a daily routine.

Here are some themes that are associated with each organ system. Do you notice you are affected at a particular hour of the day?

3am – 5am : Lung Time

  • Lung Problems

  • Grief

5am – 7am : Large Intestine Time

  • Difficulty letting go

  • Constipation

7am – 9am : Stomach Time

  • Nausea/Reflux

  • Dissatisfaction

9am – 11am : Spleen Time

  • Worry

  • Digestion problems

11am – 1pm : Heart Time

  • Heart problems

  • Finding Joy

1pm – 3pm : Small Intestine Time

  • Difficulty finding purpose

  • Food reactions

3pm – 5pm : Bladder Time

  • Asserting boundaries

5pm – 7pm : Kidney Time

  • Consolidating energy

  • Fears

7pm – 9pm : Pericardium Time

  • Ability to Express Emotions

  • Trauma

9pm – 11pm : Triple Warmer Time

  • Associated with the Thyroid and Adrenals

  • Metabolism

11pm – 1am : Gall Bladder Time

  • Timidity

  • Indecision

1am – 3 am: Liver Time

  • Anger

  • Frustration

Does any of this resonate with you? Drop me a comment and let me know what you think ⇣

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