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Similar too many other professions, the female pioneers were not given the credit or mention that they deserved.

Which is why I would like to introduce you to the lovely Louisa Lust (1868-1925), the Mother of Naturopathic Medicine.

Louisa was born in Germany and where she trained as a Naturopathic Doctor prior to moving to New Jersey.

She pioneered the speciality of Women’s health within Naturopathic Medicine.

Her core practices used for healing are what Naturopaths call NATURE CURE. Nature cure includes ; hydrotherapy, diet, movement, and air and light bathing.

She was an accomplished writer as well as played an instrumental role in developing healing retreat centers in New Jersey and Florida. She also was a big financial backer of the first Naturopathic College in the United States.

Her medical advice to her patients was simple, clear, and to the point!

Thank you Dr. Louisa Lust for your contribution to the field.

To all the womxn out there, may we rise 🌟




Citation: 1994. Nature Doctors (Kirchfeld & Boyle).NCNM Press, Portland, Oregon




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