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New Year, Super Full Moon Reflections

Is anyone else out there feeling a little weighted yesterday or today? Are you experiencing new or a recurrence of past physical symptoms? Or maybe you notice this on the emotional level with increased emotional sensitivity or the surfacing of old emotions? This could be because its written in the stars✨January 1st brings us a super full moon to welcome us into 2018 🌕 Just like the seasons, the rhythmical cycle of the moon offers us the opportunity to consciously align ourselves with nature’s rhythms. The full moon can bring with it intensity of symptoms, feelings, and events which invite us to reflect. The full moon not only illuminates the dark sky but also can be used as a metaphor to our own illumination. The process of observing and reflection helps us to get a glimpse into our life purpose and helps us identify patterns or aspects of ourselves that do not reflect our highest potential. Awareness, acceptance, and release are practices that have extra potency during the full moon. I invite you to practice them with full moon month rather than make one New Year’s resolution. This rhythmical practice offers a dynamic sense of self-awareness and growth. Happy New Year Everyone 🎆💗



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