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Ear Seeds Anyone?

The whole body is mapped out on the ear in Chinese medicine👂🏼Applying these seeds to different regions of the ear treats different regions of the body. In this patient I did the NADA 5 protocol which is commonly used in Chinese medicine to decrease anxiety/depression and reduce cravings related to addiction. Ear seeds can also treat pain anywhere in the body💫 Regions where there are pain are also highlighted by seeing veins or redness in the ear. I often utilize this simple painless therapy at the end of my sessions so that the treatment continues after the patient leaves the office. When they are feeling stressed or cravings increase they can simply apply pressure to the ear seed to achieve a calming effect☮️ They typically stay on for about 5 days after the treatment. Please check out the link in my bio to schedule an appointment and learn first hand the healing abilities of these lovely little seeds🌱



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