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Tuning into Tuning Forks

I offer tuning fork therapy as part of my treatment with patients.

These little forks are a great way to affect the qi flow in the body without having to use needles. This makes them perfect for the treatment of children and those that may be sensitive to or unsure about needles. 👦👧👶👴👵🤰

Their effects are similar to needles as they are applied to acupuncture points☯️

Tuning forks work on a vibrational and energetic level to facilitate harmonic qi flow in the body. They can be used for the treatment of almost any ailment, pain, fatigue, digestion complaints, sleep, stress, etc. They even have the power to stop a crying child instantly when applied! 💫

The vibration that the tuning forks resonate at is very intentional. The tuning forks vibrate according to a magnified vibration that the planets, sun, and moon travel at. 🌎🌞🌛

This specificity allows us as practioners to utilize a Chinese 5-Element or a western astrological approach to treatment providing cosmological effects.


Please schedule an appointment to see first hand the wave making power of these forks ⚡️🌊🔮



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