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Sound baths are emerging in community centers and yoga studios across the country. … Rather than being used privately for healing or meditation, groups of people are coming together more and more to experience the effects of singing bowls. The origins of singing bowls are a bit mysterious, with different sources stating they originated in Mesopotamia, Tibet and India. Tibetan Buddhist monks for the use of healing, ritual, and spiritual cultivation have used these bowls for several centuries.

Historically they were made with copper and other combinations of metals. These metal bowls produce sound in the lower octaves as compared to the newer clear quartz and silica bowls that offer high pitched octaves.

Our medical research is starting to catch waves of this centuries old practice. The Journal of Evidence Based CAM (2017) published a study that looked at the effects of Tibetan Singing bowls and its effects on mood, tension, and well-being. The findings among the participants were less, depression, anxiety, tension, anger, fatigue, and pain. Pain scores were reduced by almost 50%. Participant’s also experienced increased feelings of spiritual well-being. It’s thought that the bowls produce binaural beats, which propels the brain into states of beta or theta wave states of deep relaxation or trace like states. I went to a sound bath last night and experience a state of deep relaxation and I experienced healing of old injuries and stuck energy in my body. For Singing Bowl events near you try searching on the Facebook events page, that's how I found my drop in class. Want to talk about improving your health? Book a free 15 minute consultation with any of our health professionals and see what difference it can make in your system as a whole. 587-393-3890 Mahogany & Seton location Direct Billing & Online Booking



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