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Our skin is our largest and most exterior organ network in our body.

So feeling good in our skin is important.


In western medicine many skin conditions are treated with suppressive therapies like antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. My finding is that this approach may work for a bit while taking these medications but once the treatment is stopped the problem returns 🤦‍♀️


Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine take a different approach to the treatment of skin conditions. This often involves looking into to imbalances in other bodily organ systems, as our skin is a reflection of our inner body and its landscape. Naturopathic medicine often looks to the liver and the gastrointestinal systems while, Chinese medicine might look to imbalances in the blood, lung, and liver when there are skin manifestations. Consider consulting with Naturopathic Doctor or Chinese Medicine Practitioner to understand the why behind your skin concerns.


East Asian Facials are a therapy to consider for skin concerns and overall wellbeing. These facials offer a natural alternative to the prevention and treatment of skin conditions. These sessions include an acupressure massage, Chinese herbal mask and facial acupuncture.


These facials improve physiology by:

👉Increasing circulation

👉🏻Improving lymphatic flow

👉🏼Providing hydration to the skin

👉🏽Tone and lift the skin and facial muscles

👉🏾Increase collagen and reduce fine lines and wrinkles

👉🏿Balance skin complexion


East Asian Facials are perfect for those with a interest in a natural treatment approach to the following:


👉🏻 Scarring

👉🏼 Skin Discolorations like; Age Spots, Melsama, Roseasa

👉🏽Treatment of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

👉🏾 Aging Gracefully/ Aging Preventative

👉🏿Getting your Glow Back


Want to give your skin some love? Check out our website or call our clinic to learn more!


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