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On 11/11 I often think of my Grandpa Bud who was in the Royal Canadian Air Force in WW2. One summer while sitting in lawn chairs, he shared with my cousin and I his experience of when his plane was shot down. He and his crew had to parachute out into the ocean over costal France. Not everyone on his flight crew was lucky enough to make it to shore. Once he made it to land he was taken to Germany as a prisoner of war, and was there for an entire year. Yet he somehow made it back to Canada and married my Grandma. Even after listening to his story it still remains incomprehensible for me to imagining living in those times of war. What a privilege it is to live in this time and in this country. There are still many in this world that do not get to live in this place of comfort. On this day of reflection and stillness I hold a vision for a peaceful world that honors all life including our mother earth. Photo credit Bruno Kelzer



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