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How Harmful Ingredients in Personal Care Products Impact Men

Why should we pay attention to the ingredients list on our personal care products? Well what put in our mouth and apply to our skin and hair does have an impact on our health.

It’s shocking to think that there are 2000 new chemicals introduced into the market every year by the Environmental Protection Agency.

It’s almost impossible to keep up with how all of these chemicals might affect our health…but Phthalates, Parabens, Bisphenol A, and Triclosan have known disruptions men’s health.

Phthalates/Parabens can be found in:

☞Shaving Cream


☞Cologne/Body Sprays




Bisphenol A can be found in:

☞Single use water bottles

☞Most plastic reusable water bottles

☞Receipts that we receive from stores

Triclosan can be found in:

☞Hand sanitizer


☞Shampoo/ Conditioners



What’s so bad with these being present in your health products?

Phthalates can:

☞Decreased production of testosterone and sperm

☞Change sperm shape thereby affecting fertility

☞In high levels have been shown to affect LDL cholesterol and increase risk of heart disease

How to avoid: Look for Phthalate free on your product label


☞Have a weak estrogenic activity

☞May also affect sperm production, and therefore affect male fertility

How to avoid: Look for Paraben free on your product label, also look for fragrance free (as they may be disguised under that name)

Bisphenol A:

☞Can cause disrupt hormones

☞Have a similar structure to estrogen and this gives it the ability to create estrogenic effects

☞Disrupt blood sugar levels

☞Increase fat production

☞Cause cellular aging

☞Cause inflammation

How to avoid: Use a stainless steel or glass water bottle (most BPA free water bottles that are plastic contain other harmful alternatives). Avoid touching receipts, especially following using hand sanitizer, which increases the plastic absorption

Triclosan can:

☞Lower sperm concentration and count

☞Alter sperm shape

How to avoid: often products that say “antibacterial” contain Triclosan, look for rubbing alcohol or essential oil based hand sanitizer.

Now you can see why it is worth it to invest in naturally focused personal care products. It may take a trip to the natural health food store and a little research and label reading but your body with thank you for it.

Want to know more about where your current products rate.

☞Download the Think Dirty App

☞Or check out the EWG’s website

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Priolo, A (2017). Men’s Personal Care Products: Wreaking Havoc with Fertility& More. NDNR



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