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Easy Breathing With Eucalyptus

Cold and Flu Season has arrived in recent weeks.

A couple of my clients this week had colds that developed into a sinus infection.

One strategy I have for dealing with nasal congestion is opening up the sinuses with eucalyptus.

The eucalyptus has strong volatile oils, which releases a pleasant aroma.

By putting a bunch of eucalyptus in your shower it will liberate those delicious smelling volatile oils which open and clear the nasal passages. An added benefit of inhaling this aromatherapy is that the simple act of breathing in the aroma coats the respiratory passages and provides an antimicrobial type effect.

No time to stop at the flower shop for eucalyptus?

Get a similar effect by doing a nasal steam.

Step 1: Boil water in kettle or a pot on the stove

Step 2: Place water in a bowl or plugged sink

Step 3: Add eucalyptus essential oil (3-4 droops)

Step 4: Inhale the steam with a towel overhead




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