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Kale Chips

Kale Chips are a quick healthy snack that take very little time to prepare.

I make this healthy snack often while I am preparing dinner and can’t wait until dinner.

There are so many recipes for this snack online (search on Pintrest and you will find many possibilities).

Here is my recipe:

  1. Turn oven to 375 F

  2. Melt about 2 Tbsp of Coconut oil or Avocado oil on the cookie sheet (I personally prefer coconut)

  3. Wash and tear Kale into chip sized pieces (I buy organic kale when possible due to it being labeled on the #dirtydozen list in 2019)

  4. Massage kale with oil on the cookie sheet

  5. Add Sea Salt, Nutritional Yeast (like to use a lot of this…it adds a cheesy flavor), and Garlic Powder to taste

  6. Cook for about 7 minutes until crunchy (I usually give it a stir halfway through)

  7. Keep a close eye on them…they can burn really easily

*Check a mirror after eating…these can get stuck in your teeth and it’s not cute

What are your favorite seasonings for Kale Chips?



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