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🦋Thyroid Health🦋


Our beautiful butterfly gland is fundamental to our bodies metabolism and energy levels.


When the thyroid glad is out of balance we can see a wide range of symptoms, but it is far more common for this gland to under-function than over-function.


When it is under-functioning (hypothyroid) we see symptoms such as:

⇾ Fatigue

⇾ Intolerance to cold

⇾ Weight gain or difficulty loosing weight

⇾ Mental fatigue

⇾ Poor circulation

⇾ Dry Skin

⇾ Constipation

⇾ Depression/seasonal sadness

⇾ Excessive hair loss

⇾ Morning headaches

⇾ Eyebrow thinning


Yearly thyroid testing (TSH) is often a good idea as there can be health risks if left in unchecked and out of balance.


There are a couple types of hypothyroidism but, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is the most common and accounts for up to 80-90% of all hypothyroidism cases. It is important to know if you have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis as this type falls under an autoimmune disease and treatment will be slightly different.


If someone has many hypothyroid symptoms and a normal thyroid blood test (TSH level) it is often a good idea to do a more through thyroid testing. Naturopathic doctors are well versed in this type of testing. Naturopathic doctors are additionally well versed in working with patients that have all the symptoms but blood test values that may be considered “normal or fine”.


If you do have hypothyroidism and are currently undergoing treatment, it is a good idea to have your anti-bodies tested to see if you have the autoimmune type of thyroid disease (anti-thyroperoxidase and anti-thyrogloblin).


If you have been feeling more down lately or have been having not been loosing weight despite doing the right things (eating well and moving), might be a good time for a thyroid check!

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