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🎊ᑕᕼIᑎEᔕE ᑎEᗯ YEᗩᖇ🎊

🔥+⚔️ +🐁The Year of the Yang Metal Rat 🔥+⚔️ +🐁

⊳This is the beginning of a new 12 year cycle

What might be in store for us for 2020?


From a global perspective:

⊳Emphasis on Military Values-honor, courage, duty, loyalty, respect

⊳Ocean water dynamics. Meaning we might see themes of rising sea levels, coastal flooding, high tides, and unruly waves

⊳Social justice movements. The many coming forward and speaking against oppression, injustice, and advocating for their rights

⊳In the fall/winter of 2020 we may see much cooler and windier weather than usual

⊳More accountability for unethical behavior

⊳Developments in science, western medicine, and tech industries

⊳ Support of sustainable and ethical business practices and companies

⊳Good year for start-ups and obtaining higher education

⊳Making calculated secure investments


Healthy Rat Physiology:

⊳“Rat Pack” Social relationships and gatherings are important.

⊳Being cleaver, wise, and resourceful

⊳Gifted at persevering and completing the small tasks, which results in big accomplishments

⊳Rat’s are charmers; they do well in the spotlight

⊳They are social observers

⊳Work in professions like; engineering, surgery, accounting, IT, mathematics, and science


When Rat Qualities are unbalanced:

⊳Can be overly critical of themselves or others



⊳Can “over think” their feelings

⊳Too focused on the details

⊳Issues with hoarding, or over accumulating, anxieties over resources


Go forward into 2020 with:

⊳A keen ability to notice the details

⊳Take advantage of the rat perseverance and patience

⊳Speak up and take action for the ones with smaller voices

⊳Try a detailed hobby like sewing, drawing/painting, jewelry making

⊳Live within your means

⊳Find your community


These ideas come from 2 professional chinese astrologers. Please check out their original articles below, which contain more detailed and personalized information.


Authored by Gregory David Done


Authored by Lillian Pearl Bridges


pc: Yu Kato on Unsplash



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