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♥ It's Heart Health Month ♥

I wanted to explore Heart Rate Variability with you as we are just starting to recognize its importance as a marker for overall health and wellbeing.

What is Heart Rate Variability (HRV)?

It is the subtle moment to moment variation from heartbeat to heartbeat.

This rhythm variation occurs in us all and is greatly influenced by our nervous system and emotions. Our heart rate is determined by the balance between the parasympathetic (rest & digest) and and sympathetic (fight, flight, freeze) part of our nervous system which both vie for influence over our resting heart rate.

Why is Heart Rhythm Important?

Each beat of our heart communicates TO the brain through a complex hormonal, neurological, and electromagnetic system. Our heart literally communicates our emotional wellness to the brain. Each heartbeat interval contains information aimed at synchronization of all our body activities.

When people are in states of anger, anxiousness, or irritability and we measure their heart rhythms we see their HRV become more chaotic (swipe left for graph). This disharmony is similar to having your foot on the gas and break on at the same time….as you might imagine this creates unnecessary wear and tear on the body.

When people are in states of compassion, appreciation, and love we see a synchronous heart rhythm with symmetrical peaks and troughs. This synchronization allows for optimum energy utilization and leaves less room for disease to occur in the body.

Activities that improve HRV:

➳ Yoga

➳ Meditation

➳ Chanting (Zikir has been studied)

➳ Smelling Moxibustion (an herb that is burned during acupuncture)

➳ Acupuncture (specifically HT 5 & HT 7)

➳ Singing Bowls

➳ Tai Chi

➳ Heart Math Institute has an online membership

Perceived Benefits Include:

➳ Enhanced focus, cognitive abilities, and memory

➳ Greater Ability to Regulate Emotions

➳ Reduces Stress

➳ Sustained experience of positive states

➳ Provides one with Flexibility, Adaptability, and Resiliency

These practices use your heart to literally rewire the brain so that your body can be in greater health and harmony.

Share this with someone you know that may benefit from this knowledge♥



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