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Acupuncture & Embodiment

While attending acupuncture school, I often found myself on the receiving end acupuncture treatments.

One day during my session, I asked my acupuncture intern “why is it that each week some of my symptoms change and new ones arise?”.

The response I received was a metaphor that I heard many times during school “each acupuncture treatment works to peel away physical and energetic layers, much like the layers on an onion”.

Recently, I was explaining this same metaphor to a patient, and added that in order to make lasting changes to physiology several treatments may be needed.

I then started to reflect on this onion metaphor and decided that it gets the gesture across but it does not encompass the beauty encased within the transformative processes I have witnessed in patients.

As I reflected on this, the universe seemed to respond, with an image of a flower blossoming, unfolding, becoming, and transforming (like above).

Acupuncture allows us to feel safe and inhabit our body and also provides an invitation to find answers we seek to realign us with our highest potential.




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