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Supporting Lung Health during the Fall Season

September 21st is the Autumn Equinox.

Seasonal transitions asks us to adjust our lifestyle to be in balance with nature.

It is very common this time of year for children to go back to school and catch colds.

Why is this?

According to Chinese Medicine, Autumn is associated with the element metal and the organ system of the lungs.

During Autumn our lung qi is most vulnerable, this is explains why it is so common during this season to get colds, flu's, and allergies.

It is thought that a pathogen enters through the nose or the back of the neck according to chinese medicine theory. Due to this, you might find many protecting their neck with a scarf, and keeping away from drafts.

I'm often asked what may be the best foods to eat during this season to support lung health. For fruits; apples and pears are good choices. For veggies; cauliflower, radishes, leaks, carrots. Nourishing spices during this season is cinnamon, ginger, and garlic.

For a more mental emotional perspective, the emotion that is associated with the lung element is grief. Grief is loss. During this season nature looses its leaves and fruits. Emotions of grief, loss, and sadness may come forward at this time, and it is right on season to heal these emotions.




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