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🎊ᑕᕼIᑎEᔕE ᑎEᗯ YEᗩᖇ🎊

We Welcome 2019

💧+🌎+🐷The Year of the Yin Earth Pig 💧+🌎+🐷

⊳The combination of the water and earth elements might make for more mud


What might be in store for us for 2019?


From a global perspective:

⊳Rising water levels or floodinrg-with the mixing of muddy brown water

⊳Oil Spills

⊳Water Quality Concerns with more emphasis on Clean Water Movements


⊳Less storms and more fog, drizzle and humidity

⊳Developments in farming and food production

⊳Improved soil quality, more biodynamic and organic farming

⊳A focus on savings rather than investments


A common Chinese saying “ Businesses should be planned for in a Pig Year, and should be launched in the Rat Year”. In 2020 we will have our Metal Rat Year.


Healthy Pig Physiology:

⊳Healthy Digestion and Metabolism

⊳Passion about the preparation and enjoyment of food

⊳Tendency to encounter “Lucky Situations”

⊳Improvements in the home, whether it be the home itself or relationships with those you live with

⊳Being funny, honest, and having fun times

⊳Importance of family values, might see more gatherings

⊳Generosity and involvement in humanitarian projects

⊳Working as an artist, musician, chef, and being a foodie


When Pig Qualities are Unbalanced:

⊳Poor digestion symptoms





⊳Fluid congestion/circulation problems

⊳Kidney and Bladder concerns


Go forward into 2019 with:

⊳The ability to find humor


⊳Slowing down and enjoy the pleasures of life; food, sleep, sex, relationships

⊳Attend Social Gatherings

⊳Focus on the Home and Family

⊳Be Generous

⊳Complete small projects

⊳Live in the moment

⊳The pig doesn’t mind a little mud so go ahead and get your hands dirty


These ideas are my best synthesis of 2 Professional Chinese Medical Astrologers/Practitioners. Please check out their original articles



Authored by Gregory David Done


Authored by Lillian Pearl Bridges


Photo credit @humphrey



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