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Chia Pudding

This is one of my favorite quick breakfasts on the go.

Best of all it is dairy and grain free, and whole 30 approved.

Here is my recipe for chia pudding:

STEP 1: This might be the most challenging of the steps! Set aside a minute or two the night before to prepare

STEP 2: Place 1 Tbsp of Chia seeds in 3 different containers (this is my ratio, there may be many others that may work better for you)

STEP 3: Shake/mix a can of coconut milk and proportion out equally into all 3 containers (any mylk alternative will do…I do find that if you use canned coconut milk the results are creamer than the carton variety).

STEP 4: Stir the mixture well to mix the seeds into the coconut milk.

STEP 5: Add desired toppings the following morning when ready to eat.

I typically add items like, fruit, nuts, vanilla pea protein powder, hemp seeds, ground flax, matcha, nut butter, spices like cinnamon

(I like the AROY-D coconut milk as it has no additive ingredients)









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